Creature of Habit


I am a creature of habit. Whenever I go to a restaurant and find a meal that I love, I only order that same meal although there are many other enticing choices to choose from. This can go on for years. When I go to the swimming pool, I always choose the same locker and shower stall and when I go to yoga I have a favourite part of the wall that I like to do legs up the wall with before class. I like to have my same coffee mug in the morning for my latte and  I place the same ring on my finger every day as I swish out the door.

And if you ever go grocery shopping with me you will know better than to not put that little cart token back in its special spot on my key chain!

Now, some of you may say this is a bit OCD— a little bit of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory stuff happening here, but I say, no! these little rituals are actually good.  It is the little habits that I can count on in a world full of change and uncertainty.

If you saw my office you would know that I am the opposite of OCD , tiny piles of papers swirl around my naked ankles as I sit and write this blog. Although I do have them in piles that only make sense to me.

And when my significant other makes fun of me for always liking the same food, I tell him in my defense, that really this works in his favour. I only like him. I don’t want to change my order. Just like the grilled chicken burger with a side of yam fries that I always order at restaurants, I will always order up the same red-headed guy. Once in a while I am persuaded to try some other meal at a restaurant and am almost always disappointed. I think,”Darn! I could of had the chicken burger.”

Here is a link to a very popular book about tidying up your life, it is about bringing order to your surroundings to create a sense of calm into your world- which I guess is what I am trying to do with my little rituals. I haven’t read it yet, but it is on my to- do list that is underneath these mounds of papers.

Click below for the audio book version.