ABBA – Music To Do The Dishes By

Every time I set out to tackle the dishes, I turn on my new record player that I waxed prosaic about in a previous blog. Now I am about to tell you the ugly truth about going backwards in technology. Here it is. Sometimes I listen to the same ABBA album for days piled upon days in a row, because I am too lazy to switch the album. Also, sometimes I am too lazy to flips sides. So now I know every song from ABBA’s side one-with a tiny scratch in the first song. And it really doesn’t bother me as much as it should. It is almost becoming a ritual, turn on ABBA- clean the dishes-ABBA record ends- time to take out the compost.

The first song is aptly called SOS, which is great when you are scrubbing pots obviously.  The next song is a little slower and not so well known, except to me of course  who listens to it daily- we make a lot of dishes in our family... The next one Ring Ring is quite peppy so it speeds you up as you are washing. It also makes me laugh at the words, a woman staring at her phone on the wall… see? people stared at their phones even before they were mobile! The next one is really growing on me too, Another town, another train. I really get into singing with this one… ” guess  I will spend my life in railway stations”- what fun! Now I am wishing for more dishes here because I need to make it to the grand finale and you know the one I am talking about…but wait there is Honey Honey to sing along to. There is no way that you won’t be super cheerful as you are piling those dishes sky high, scraping egg bits into the compost as you twirl and throw your old rag on the ground and wipe up those drips with your foot. You won’t believe that there is even more peppy stuff to keep you going in this greatest hits album- So Long really makes you belt it out. Also because the grand pappy  of mega hit song is about to play and you are never disappointed. Mamma Mia! The only thing you can’t understand is when your family is home and they tell you that they are tired of it.

My daughter came to visit and I played the song  Fernando on the flip side. It was a special occasion after all- I had visitors! I got teary eyed and said, I don’t know why this song makes me so emotional and she said, it’s because it reminds you of your mom. And I guess she’s right. But still. I think about anyone would cry- there’s something about the song, the flute in it makes you feel wistful and puts a lump in your throat.


Click on the link below to listen to Fernando