6 Guitars

6 Guitars



I have been a fan of the reality tv series Alone. The premise is that survivalist sorts of people are plopped down in the middle of nowhere, usually Vancouver Island but this latest season, they are put in the wilds of Patagonia. They must survive on their own, until they are the last one standing, kind of a survivalist red rover if you will. Besides winning half a million dollars, many of the participants claim to want to do it for the personal sense of triumph, as in, “I can do it! I can feed myself, keep myself warm and dry and safe and not go mad for months! Alone. In the wild.”

We noticed an interesting phenomenon— that the ones who don’t create fun projects for themselves, tend to either grow bored or sit around thinking about why they should go home and how much they miss their loved ones. It is the individuals who make boats, chairs or  instruments that seem to last longer, they are amusing their minds. Their isolation is being averted by their efforts to keep their monkey minds busy.

I thought of this as I went to see an amazing show at the Lunchbox Theatre the other day. It was a one man show that involved him shifting in and out of six different personas of guitar players. There was an eighty- something -year old blues guitar player, a twenty year old rock n roller, an angst infused Jazz player, a latin musician, a folk guitarist and a country boy. It was cleverly intertwined with guitar music (obviously) and clips about their life and what made them the musicians they were today. What I gleaned from it was that they were all a little influenced by the other genres of music and that it was their pure joy of the music that made their lives worth living.

What has Alone and 6 Guitars have in common? Life can be trying. A person needs to spend it creating or doing what they really feel compelled to do. Learn it well. It will make life worth living.I am not a musician myself but I am moved by music everyday.

People need music. And people need those that create music and art. I believe our survival depends upon it.

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One thought on “6 Guitars

  1. Margot,

    Ken and I just watch a movie about travel, called Hector Finds Happiness or something. Not sure exact title because I never really pay attention to titles. It’s on netflix you should check it out there. Be warned there is an up-stetting kidnapping scene but it all turns out well in the end so take heart.

    Anyway your last blog is very similar to what this guy discovers in his travel to find happiness. I took it that he liked his job, partner home but could not find true happiness because he was keeping some of himself closed off to others (true emotions). In his travels he learns about himself and then discovers true happiness. He opens himself up to everything. He opens his heart and mind. I loved the show.

    I like reading your blog because it keeps me in touch with one of my favourite things about you…your intellect! Keep ’em coming.

    In friendship,




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