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Fashion Industry Paris photo courtesy of IMGUR
Fashion Industry Paris-photo courtesy of IMGUR

I am a self-described slob. I care not for clothes. Although being a social being I realize I must look half way decent. I want to present myself in a reasonable manner to the public. I want people to think of me a certain way when they look at me, I want people to think–she is very interesting and creative, not to mention a wee bit bohemian!

And so I must force myself to go to a salon when I am looking a bit ratty. Although I find it boring as heck. I hate the chemicals of hair dyes but I admit I enjoy how my head looks plastered with tinfoil… I feel like if I could recreate the look at Halloween I may win an alien look-alike prize. Then my mind wanders and I recall my small part in my high school play Grease, where we danced to Beauty School Drop Out with toilet paper rolls wrapped in tin foil upon our heads.

After my long hair salon stint, I tried to shop for new clothes but soon grew bored. It is not as much fun as when you are young and all of your money is disposable income.I was glad to see that Doc Martens are back in style and I commented to an elderly lady next to me that I was grateful that styles come back eventually, so hoarders can actually pull out their 1980’s garb, but she replied, well yes but they probably wont’ fit anymore and they change the style just a wee bit so that you won’t really look in style anymore. Which I had to admit was true.

The sad truth about the clothes we find in the malls– I have learned from my  late night documentary problem is that the fashion industry is a very environmentally and socially evil industry. There are heaps of material in the landfills (off gassing bad stuff)— even third world countries don’t want our old cheap t-shirts. Fashions change quickly so that we feel we must buy new items every change of season, we have a throw away culture that is not environmentally sustainable. I suggest the documentary title “The True Cost” which is on Canadian Netflix right now. But brace yourself, I warn you. It is an eye-opener.

Sorry to be on a rant, but here is the good news.

There are companies that are emerging that are environmentally sustainable and socially ethical! There are actually companies that insist on paying the women in third world countries a living wage with child care. There are companies that seek out the waste material and use it to create clothing. Material that would normally be cut and then thrown away. Do I still wear my old blue fuzzy bathrobe from many Christmases ago? Yes I do. Is my family sick of seeing me in it? Yes they are. But I refuse to throw it away until it is good and truly used up. Which may be a long time– family, a very long time. This is my small contribution to the environment. And also reading up on which companies are the good ones… I did notice Superstore had organic cotton balls as an option and I have met people who make only organic cotton baby clothes.

Live in or near Nanaimo, BC? Try out Fig clothing and jewelry– they carry great fair wage products by Om Grown, Nomad hempwear, Mahadevi Designs and Diane Kennedy. This tiny store is another great example of someone who uses mainly local designers- 90%! The clothing is high quality and the jewelry is made by some of the top artisans in the area such as Laura Handford’s exquisite pieces that you will want to wear with all your new outfits.

Here are a few other ideas for buying clothes that are not killing people with things like Chromium in their drinking water…

Click here for People tree a great company..




One thought on “Fast Fashion

  1. Nice one Margot. I didn’t click on any of the films yet. I’ve started to buy from ll bean. The clothes fit. I hate shopping. Ugh!


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