Musings on the Mat


Sometimes the only place I want to be is in a yoga class on my mat. This is the only environment that I wish to be. I am surrounded by other women, I get to look outside as nature does its thing, i.e. watch the rain or the snow swirl around in traffic as I am safe and warm in the studio.

I love the props –the soft egg-shell coloured blankets that we wrap ourselves with during Savasana or relaxation pose. I love the little cork blocks and even those crazy sand bags that they sometimes throw on top of our legs for reasons that I can’t recall.

I love the eye pillows and that  little bell that the instructor surprises us with its little TINGGGGGG….. which reminds me to not think about what to make for dinner that night. It is bringing me out of my rush of thoughts and forces me to rein them in as I continue to relax and breathe.

I am told to breathe in joy and breathe out peace. What a lovely idea. Or was it breathe in peace, breathe out joy? Oh well, that doesn’t matter. Either way is good. I have been taught pull air through one nostril and out the other, for reasons that I forget as well.

Sometimes if I am lucky I get an instructor that sings a little song during Savasana. The first time she sang in what language I am not certain, but my first thought was to snicker. But soon I settled in with my eyes closed and let myself enjoy it.

On the way home as I was singing along to that song Stressed Out  by Twenty One Pilots-  I finally understood the meaning of the words that say, “I want to turn back time, to the good ol days, when the mama sang us to sleep- but now we’re stressed out!”

I believe that is why yoga is so popular now. We can turn back time if only for a moment. We feel safe and snug under our blankies like nap time in preschool, while someone sings us a lullaby… we are little, small and loved for a brief moment, before we have to get up again, find parking at the grocery store, pick up dinner and continue on with our adult lives.  If I think that life sucks driving on my way to yoga, on the way back I feel hopeful that maybe life isn’t so bad. It may even be pretty good.

click here for the YouTube video

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots….


One thought on “Musings on the Mat

  1. Loved this reflection you helped me think of my relax time in a whole new light. Me too I have my favourite blanker as well. All those things you noticed. How amazing is that. Namaste. Judith


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