The Day the Computers Take Over the World

The Day the Computers Take Over the World

Image courtesy of IMGUR

Image courtesy of IMGUR

The day that computers take over the world will be a sad day indeed. Sometimes, while working at the public library I have strangers come up to me and say “aren’t you worried that your job will be replaced by computers?”

I think of this question when I am trying to use those self-check out machines at the grocery and hardware stores,  and I have to hear that annoying voice that can’t figure out that you don’t need a grocery bag as it keeps repeating, after you have set down your bag of carrots, “place items in bag, place items in bag!” and I try to answer it, silly me and say,” Listen lady, I don’t want a bag!” as I have to figure out how to trick it.

I think of this question as my GPS takes me to a dead-end street and I have to go old school, roll down my electric car window, lean out and ask the next car that drives by if they know how to get to such and such a soccer field.

I think how computers are supposed to improve our lives, as I am about to sit on a self flushing toilet and it flushes before I have sat down and has splashed all over my backside. I think of this as I proceed to wash my hands and the self dryer doesn’t work and I have to use a piece of thin toilet paper to dry my hands.

I think of this as we have to be our own travel agents now and not only figure out which flights and connections work for us but we have to print out our tickets too.( If you don’t have a cell phone.)

I think of this as I watch the very interesting movie Snowden, which will make you all put band aids over your computer cameras and worry about the US taking down our power grid in one fell swoop.

Hmmn, I guess the computers can take over our world, and our travel agent jobs and our grocery clerk jobs and maybe our library jobs too, but it will be a poorly functioning world that will be not only inefficient, but annoying to boot.

Here is a young woman who creates very interesting robot arms to help ordinary people in their daily lives. I encourage you to follow her blog.

Click here for the breakfast machine…


One thought on “The Day the Computers Take Over the World

  1. How could a computer possibly replace such insightful blog writing? As a woman who has been in every one of the technology driven situations you mentioned, I can relate. Likely, women will need to take over the world for it to run at its full potential. Until then, I’ll continue to prefer human check out clerks and paper towel. I am overly attached to my toaster oven however…


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