I Can See Clearly Now- Or Can I?

I Can See Clearly Now- Or Can I?

Photo courtesy of IMGUR
Photo courtesy of IMGUR

Everyone has heard of phantom limb syndrome— You know, when you feel a finger itching for example, after it has been cut off? But today I am here to explain to you a new kind of Phantom limb syndrome that occurs when you are over fifty and have to use reading glasses for everything.

This  experience I am calling phantom glasses syndrome. Ever since my eyesight has been going down hill I am finding it harder and harder to see the writing on things— like that maddening tiny print on vitamin bottles! So the only way I can  not Mr. Magoo it through life is with a pair of reading glasses set stylishly on my head. This has become a norm for me.

Often, I lay down on the bed and squish them on the pillow or put my hat on over top of them by mistake, forcing me to remove them now and again to avoid these sorts of catastrophes. But sometimes I find that I  reach for them, and  don’t find them there at all. This is what Phantom glasses syndrome means… the feeling that there are reading glasses just a swipe away..but instead there is nothing, just a feeling of the weight of them on the top of your skull.

I mean, I can still feel them there, but where did they go?

It is always a mystery. And it takes me ages to relocate them again once they are removed from my head. I find them in my winter coat pocket or in the bathroom where I brush my teeth. This is why I can never have enough of these glasses.

In fact I hope Santa stuffs a few handfuls of reading glasses into my stocking this year.

Click below for a great little tune sung by Jimmy Cliff….

The song, “I Can See Clearly Now” to get your day going on a happy note!



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