Baby it’s Cold Outside


Image courtesy of IMGUR

Okay remember that time I blogged romatically about snow? Forget it. The cold weather has hit and I had to remind my old West Coast dog to come in when her feet began to freeze and she could no longer walk back the twenty feet to the warmth of our house. She had to limp back as I scolded her… “No! Don’t dawdle— snow is cold! Very cold!” I said this as I realized I was in my pajamas and Birkenstocks. ( inside my head… no! sandals bad in snow! very cold!)

And you would think humans would know better, but driving down the busy downtown street later in the day, I couldn’t help but notice that most people didn’t have their hats on, and their coats were flapping open. It’s like they were saying, ‘Winter? Nah, this is nothin’. Minus eighteen is no problem.”

I watched fascinated as a mother drove by on her bike with her little baby bundled up on the seat behind her. There were lots of cyclists out I noted, guiltily as I sat outside my daughter’s high school, enjoying the seat warmer and listening to talk radio. The only good thing I have to say about this time of year is all of the Christmas lights.

Thank you energetic people who place giant santas waving from your rooftops. I truly thank you.


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