These are a Few of My Favourite Things


When the dog bites, when the bee stings, oops- nope —-that’s not how it goes.

Well, today I meant to talk about a few of my favourite things. One of them is getting nice local handmade pottery gifts for Christmas, or my birthday or Mother’s day. Any occasion can be the right occasion for pottery. Now that we live in Calgary we are making it an annual event to attend the Mount Pleasant potter’s guild sale every November at the Triwood Community Association.

It is really a pleasant way to spend time on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and we got to pick out our own Christmas gifts! Lucky for me I am forgetful, so if we hide them until next month, I am surprised come Christmas morning when there is a new mug wrapped, (probably a little wonky) under the tree, I mean those handles are hard to wrap!

Yes. it feels great to pick up some hand-made pottery, because besides knowing that you will have your latte in a cool mug, you can be certain that it most likely will be an original. No Wal-Mart made dollar mugs that you are sure the person who made it, created it without love in a factory somewhere instead of in their beloved workshop.

If you missed the sale in November, I might remind you that there are many free craft fairs in your local community, often the entry fee is a handful of perishable items only! I find the gifts often rival that of the big fairs and are more reasonably priced too, because the small community associations don’t charge an arm and a leg for the table rentals.

So yes support local artisans and local businesses… it creates a better community for all of us. Why do people in cities always want to live in the cool part of town? What makes it cool? Why the local funky businesses that’s who! No one is clambering to live next to Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart. Unless of course you are that young woman in Where the Heart Is, but in her case she lived IN the Wal-Mart, so that doesn’t count.

Remember to support local people !! That is my chant for the day. And if you are from Gabriola, I don’t have to tell you this, as the whole island depends on eachother’s business for survival. But in a big city, some people have to be reminded of all the talented young artists out there. The amazing glass work artists who are also raising their families while they pursue their life’s work. Or those Jeweller’s or those people who independently own their own Yoga Studio…etc. etc. So go on… get out and shop local!

Now that’s my favourite thing!



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