On Sunday Brunches

On Sunday Brunches


We went out to eat this past Sunday to a local and very busy place, called the Galaxy Diner— an all day breakfast joint on 11 st SW. With the use of the internet we went over the reviews of many breakfast restaurants and this one came up often. So off we went across town on an unseasonably warm November day. After luckily finding parking on a side street we were told by the waitress that the wait would be about an hour, which sounded long ( now I know where the term waitress comes from!). But I thought, why not? Instead of being impatient, I am determined to enjoy this time with my family. After all, this is why we are going out for eggs in the morning, instead of frying them up ourselves for one tenth of the cost.

First we meandered around the neighbourhood and did a bit of window shopping. We went for coffee at the Good Earth coffee house which was kitty corner to the restaurant.  Is this an antiquated word? My children don’t know what kitty corner means. I picked up a paper copy of the Globe and Mail and shared an article about teensy weensy hand carved boxwood prayer beads that are on display in Toronto… made in the middle ages!

We slowly made our way back and discovered that the waitress was handing out cups of coffee in the line up on the street. Unfortunately we were already coffeed out to partake in the free coffee by the time we returned.

And the food? Well- it was all you can eat toast and hash browns, which made my husband happy. The eggs Benny were tasty and filling. Nothing too gourmet about the meal but satisfying none the less. We did appreciate the vast array of interesting Tobasco’s available on the table. The prices were moderate.


Was it worth the one hour wait? Yes. And why? Because I didn’t have to cook breakfast and I got to enjoy precious time with my family.


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