Fool For Love -the Halloween Special

Fool For Love -the Halloween Special



Did you know, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, came out in the year of my birth.

The year was 1966, when Beatlemania was in full swing and Batman and Robin was a new tv series,  not just a cartoon- just men in funny costumes.

If anyone is a romantic like me, they will have sat watching this Charlie brown Halloween special- all alone, because I couldn’t bear to miss it. Nobody else was interested- they claimed to be too mature for this kind of show.  I sat, happily snacking on salted pumpkin seeds and a cup of tea in my old blue fuzzy bathrobe, rockin’ out to the cool beat of Vince Guaraldi.

Okay- now that you all have music playing in your imagination, think of this- it is a very romantic story. Linus is sure that there is the great pumpkin coming to give him presents, so he opts out on trick or treating to hang out in the dark tangled pumpkin patch. Because Sally loves him , she hangs out in the cold pumpkin patch with him, missing out on the free candy. Sure- she is a little upset when reality sets in later, but I don’t think this made her love him any less in all the other cartoon strips that she was drawn into.

This is true love. Believing in someone. And now I must tell you this, it is true. Linus’ myth may become a reality. The great pumpkin is about to pass by in the night skies tomorrow October 31st. It has been named The Great Pumpkin. So there! All you nay sayers.

You just had to be patient. So get outside, and unfold your lawn chairs-curl up with a warm blanket and a cup of hot peppermint tea while you sit listening to Vince Guaraldi blasting on your blue tooth speakers.  It’s time to watch the dark starry night around you and get ready.

The great pumpkin is finally arriving. It is only fifty years overdue.


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