A Source of Inspiration

A Source of Inspiration



I was lucky enough to hear a great presentation at my daughter’s Track Club awards ceremony. It was presented by Akeem Haynes- the 1st leg of the men’s 100 relay team that won the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. So inspiring…”Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth”, was the quote by Mike Tyson that he intertwined with the tale of his life from when he first moved from Jamaica to Yellowknife and then to Calgary, Alberta. He explained how he struggled with his SAT’s but kept trying, and eventually got a scholarship to get into university. I walked away thinking yes! I can do it. I won’t let “the punches of life” stop me!


He eventually wrote two books about his experience and there were many a bright eyed athlete at this banquet who were lined up to get their book signed by him, or have their picture taken with him and his medal. They all exclaimed how heavy the medal was, and my thoughts about this, is well- yes, because it is real. It represents the hard road an athlete has to get to that point of Olympics in the first place. We were all teary eyed when he told us how much his high school coach did for him, how much it meant to him as a young man.

I also thought what a great environment to have your children in. Surrounded by positive coaches and hard training athletes. Worth every late night Bingo that we have had to work.

here is a link to one of Akeem Haynes books on Amazon- a great christmas gift!   https://www.amazon.ca/Love-Life-Legacy-Akeem-Haynes/dp/1500702811


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