Hope Chest

Hope Chest


I recall hanging out at the end of a friend’s bed, lolling about counting how many whacky gum cards she had and which ones she had that I didn’t. The cards always smelled sweet, like the sugary thin gum that it was sold with. I was always surprised when someone’s mom actually let them affix these obnoxious stickers to the headboard of their beds. I guess I was lucky in a way -to have nice enough furniture that my mother would beat me if I defaced it with whacky packages stickers.

At the end of her bed was a large wooden box that she told me was her hope chest. She told me that she was collecting household items that she would use when she grew up and got married.

I was surprised about this hope chest. I could never imagine farther than a week ahead in my life when I was eleven. I still can’t at fifty. What would I have put in that chest that I deemed important to my life as a married woman twenty years later? I realize after pondering this, that yes indeed, if I opened up that chest and found my stack of whacky package trading cards I would be thrilled, and if there was some nice linen in there to boot, I would take the old quilt that is in tatters on the end of my bed and gladly replace it with the most likely pink fuzzy one that I would have chosen as a child. I guess I haven’t grown as much as I had hoped.

What would you – dear readers have put in that chest for your future self?

I feel that children of today should have some interesting collectables, but perhaps in the form of a healthy snack, say some Kale chip packs that come with funny environmental slogans inside the bottom of the bag. Little bumper stickers that state- Say NO to the Oil Pipeline! with a sad oil slicked penguin on it in bright colours. This will become all the rage—on Gabriola island anyways!


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