Unexpected Gifts


Giving gifts is a lovely feeling isn’t it? And so is receiving gifts! Today I had the pleasure of receiving a small handmade glass bowl that I had been admiring all day in the stall next to me at the Cochrane Farmer’s market. At the end of the day the Hutterites came by, as they often do, and let us choose some fresh veggies to take home, I chose beets because they looked so lovely. borscht anyone? This is what everyone out in Alberta has on their menu this month-homemade borscht. ( I received a bag of potatoes and onions from a friend a couple of days later)

I have been lucky this month to have received many small kindnesses from others.

I do recall though- a small box that someone wrapped up for me at Christmas one year. I think it was the early 1980’s- some friends were doing a little gift exchange.  We gave each other posters of rainbows or small ornaments in the shape of pianos or sand castles. This little box held the promise of cheap yet desirable jewelry.

I delicately opened the gift wrap, not wanting to appear greedy. I slowly opened the white lid, and underneath a little layer of flattened cotton, was— an eyeball!

It looked so real. It was my friend’s mother’s ocular prosthesis, she was blind. It was freaky and made us laugh in horror. I will always remember this gift, of which I had to give back because, it was her mom’s eyeball after all. I don’t remember any gifts from the past, quite so vividly than that little white box with a realistic eye staring up at me.

Here is a link to Glass Candy who makes fabulous fused glass pieces that she sells in and around Calgary.





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