Pablo Picasso was never called an ——-

Pablo Picasso was never called an ——-

picasso painting woman

Lucky me. On my holidays I got the pleasure of visiting my other favourite art gallery in Vancouver. This show was all about Picasso and his women. Very interesting. And fun to go with youngsters too, because in a way a lot of his pictures could be considered funny if you think about them through the eyes of a child. The way the faces have eyes in the wrong place or distorted noses.

I learned that Picasso wrecked  havoc on many women’s lives. Over the years I have looked at his pictures and said, “hmmn Picasso, interesting!”- but never thought, “well I wonder if he was a nice guy?”

I guess the band the Modern Lovers did consider this a long time ago with their song, Pablo Picasso was never called an A——. This was the only thing that was missing from this show, The Modern Lovers playing in the background. But there was a great silent film of the artist painting on glass-it was like he was painting on the other side of a mirror in a continuous loop.

What I learned from this fun feild trip- he painted that mural Guernica and he created some sculptural pieces. Oh and quite a few women killed themselves after being with him. Oddly enough on my holidays I picked up a very old paperback by W. Somerset Maugham called The Moon and Sixpence.  I soon discovered this was a fictionalized account of the artist Paul Gauguin. Another cad! Go figure.

I didn’t realize some of his portrait paintings were a morph of two different women.

( Maddening for the women.) As he grew unsatisfied with their relationship, their portraits became more and more hideous.

Upstairs was another amazing exhibit by a woman I have never heard of,


 but I admit I am not that knowledgeable in art, I just likes it.


Click here for a youtube video of the Modern Lovers.


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