An Ode to Zucchini Goddess

An Ode to Zucchini Goddess

zuc in chair

I like to garden, but I don’t really have the time to fuss around. I throw in the seeds, water when I can get around to it and hope for the best. Since moving to a city, I missed having fresh greens, especially to put in my smoothies. So I have taken up a small plot in a community garden.

I was unsure what would work in the Alberta climate, so I tried a few things. I am finding the root vegetables are doing much better out here than in the thick clay soil that we had in BC. My radishes are fast growing and wonderful. But it is the zucchini that is truly flourishing.

So now I must find new and exciting ways to use zucchini. I remember how in the past we have always had too much zucchini. Once for a birthday party we drew eyes on a particularly large one and wrapped it up as a “zucchini baby”gift. There is an urban tale of an old chair on the side of the road with a zucchini on it with a free sign. The chair was taken and the zucchini was left behind.

Although it has a bad rap, I am still grateful for its bountifulness. I have always wanted to try stuffing the flowers with cheese, lightly battering and frying them, but have never had the gumption to actual execute the plan. One day when I am retired perhaps.

I fondly recall my own single working mother growing her little prairie garden and forcing us to eat zucchini loaf for weeks on end. But I am a wee bit smarter( I tell myself this anyways) and bake a luscious chocolate zucchini cake recipe with orange glaze. You can’t hardly tell that there is a whole infant sized grated squash incorporated into it.

My method of dealing with this abundant vegetable is to just grate the stuff and put it into everything. The extra vegetable punch in all the meals have to be a good thing, right? And it makes me feel like a good parent, upping the veggie content of my familly’s meals.

So thank you zucchini goddess.  Thank you for growing so easily and with great abundance. May your seeds spread to my neighbours raised beds and be a welcome volunteer surprise. May your extra fibre add moistness to my muffins and extra pooping for my family. Zucchini plant you rock!


Want to wear your love for zucchini? Follow this link-


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