I kill an ant

I kill an ant

ant thumb

I kill an ant
and realize my three children
have been watching.

– Kato Shuson


This Haiku stuffs all the premises of parenting in three simple lines. I am amazed how poets can use such sparse language to show us so much! Of course we all know everything we do- our children are watching us and learning from us.

Luckily they don’t only mimic the bad things. I was pondering this when my daughter woke us up to whole wheat blueberry pancakes warming in the oven, made before she was off for a swim, and thought, thank goodness my children picked up some of the good habits along with the bad.

The bad habits that are too long to mention in this short blog post.

Here are only a few that I am ashamed of:

I say, “eat healthy! “ as I gobble up another piece of chocolate cake.

I say, “ exercise because it is good for you!” as I lay on the couch unmoving for hours.

“Be kind to others” I say, as I snark at their father in irritation.

I am a hippocrite,

I am a parent,

which is to say, I am human.

That’s all I got for today.

Over and out from a rainy stormy week in Calgary.


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