Goats + Weeds = No Herbicides

Goats + Weeds = No Herbicides


Goats at West Nose Creek

We found this amazing company that trucks in goats and uses horses and dogs to herd and protect them. The goats are brought into parkland to eat down all of the invasive weeds. They are meant to be a replacement for herbicides. But besides all the environmental reasons to have goats in the park, we love to watch them!

“Hey, let’s go to that goat park!”, is often a request in our house.

The goat company is called Baaah’d Plant Management and Reclamation. They are trying to get the contracts for weed control in the cities parks. And I am all for it. I am not sure how all of the invasive weeds have been brought in over the years. I am sad to learn that even my beloved Nose Hill uses herbicide applications. Somehow I naively imagined that natural grasslands could just grow on their own!

We were bemoaning the good ol’ days before plastic everything. I can now say to my family, -“When I was young…we used to have metal garbage cans without plastic liners in our back lanes. At parks the garbage bins were mesh and held only crumpled up paper garbage. Water bottles were non existent, you just found a water fountain when you were parched. And when you saw a weed you pulled it!”

I find it scary out here when the children’s parks are sectioned off with yellow police tape during weed spraying times. I think we should all be allowed to have goats in our backyards to eat the weeds, and provide us with milk to make cheese and goat milk soap too of course!

I think having goats in the park are a step in the right direction for this big city.I’m definitely impressed. If you are a Calgary resident call 311 to let them know you are in favour of this goats in the parks project.


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