Grimm tales

Grimm tales


My children always loved when I read them Grimm’s fairy tales. We found a second-hand copy of Grimm’s fairy tales from our local recycle store. It looked so old that I thought it may have been written by the Grimm brothers themselves. The tales always involved tragedy of some sort, ending in a gruesome way. I was thinking of this as I was reading an older book by David Sedaris, Squirrel seeks Chipmunk. I wasn’t expecting this sort of book, as his other more recent books are more creative non-fiction style which I found hilarious. These stories took me off guard. They are not very funny, but I enjoyed them non the less, due to their very original content. I loved the tale of the two stork sisters discussing how to tell their babies where baby storks come from. Some of the tales were quite appalling, almost more so than Grimm’s  tales, but with a modern twist.

Our favourite Grimm tale is about the bird, the mouse and the sausage.  The bird complains about her workload, so they switch their tasks that they must perform each day. But when they do trade their roles, it results in destruction and mayhem. For instance, the sausage’s duty was to stir the soup, to give it flavour, but when the mouse takes over this job and stirs the soup, he jumps in and meets a watery death.

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Another favourite read aloud book that we enjoyed, for the not faint of heart is Revolting Rhymes by Raold Dahl. Again, don’t expect any happy endings here.

What are we teaching our children from these scary fairy tales dating back from the 1800’s to the present? I believe it gets kids ready for life’s true tragedies. Even in the tale where a wolf eats all the seven ( magical number in fairy tales) baby goats, the mother goat is resourceful and cuts open his stomach and replaces the goats with stones… Clever! Perhaps we are being instructed that we must not despair when calamitous events occur. We must get out our scissors, find some rocks and beat that wolf at his own game.

What is the point of todays blog? Life can be tragic, but it is always interesting. Now I am going to make myself some sausage soup, but I will use a spoon for mixing it up.


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