Cake for Dinner

Cake for Dinner

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Making really bad pie dough is hereditary in our family. My Baba (grandmother) made the same thick dough for her cookies, cakes and pies. I shudder when I recall something she made called Kugel- it involved white noodles and raisins, among other things that must not go together ever.

I think of our family’s odd cooking propensities, as I am making peanut butter oatmeal cookies and I can’t help myself -­ I use whole wheat flour in all recipes that call for white- even my pie crusts are whole wheat. No light and flaky for us. They are heavy and meaty, a meal in itself.

Coming home from work the other night, my eyes lit up, as on the table ­for no reason whatsoever, was a homemade two layer chocolate cake. You can see why I love my husband. ”Whoo hoo”, I said, “cake for dinner!” Everyone else agreed that this was a good idea. Then we went to the CBC book sale at the Calgary Curling Club. It had an entrance fee, which is painful for penny pinchers like me. But I thought ah well, it is a cheap family outing. Have you been to a movie theatre lately?And books are good, right? But once we roamed about the spacious arena, we could only choose one book amongst the three of us, because most books were 4 dollars each, even soft covers. I kept thinking, well they are free at the library. So why spend money we don’t have on these tiny books?

There was music playing by a noisy band with a very big horn section. I witnessed many people sipping beer, lumbering about with cardboard boxes filled with their treasured tomes. I caught one man splattering his red wine at the Canadian authors table. I didn’t rat him out though. Note­: don’t allow staining beverages in book sales. We had hoped there would be a better selection of art and building books. My daughter noted there were tons of vampire books. I guess they are out of vogue now. I suppose for a saturday night outing looking at books was more fun than Netflix. And now I have some good ideas for searching out at my local library.

I love it when someone looks up and recommends a book that they have read -something by Ludmilla Petrushevshkaya. I wanted to do this numerous times to strangers, but held my tongue. I do worry, from working in a library that I am becoming a book bully. “Read this! You must read this book!” But I realize, I have been doing this for years. Lucky for me, my book club still allowed me to attend. I did come across the same book many times, and wondered why I kept seeing my other daughter’s name in the title. I guess I wished she were there book shopping with us, as I know she has a book addiction that is hereditary too, just like making heavy pie crust. And eating dessert for dinner.

Click here for some fun Kugel info

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