Uphill both ways

Uphill both ways


I like to do things the hard way. When I am bike riding (when I owned a bicycle)- I preferred the uphill trails- flying down a hill hardly seemed like a good workout.

Since moving to Calgary, I have been in search of some nice nature walks. Well, lucky for me that there is an urban park a short drive from my home called Nose Hill Park. It boasts 300 kilometres of trails and is over 11 square kilometres of natural grasslands right smack in the middle of this city. It is considered one of the largest urban parks in North America. Apparently the park was named after a local chief’s large probiscus.

When I first moved here, each day I would hoist my old dog Stella into the back of the car and began to explore the different points of entry. My favourite spot is off 14th street. The trail I enjoy begins with a steep climb up a trail past prairie crocuses and golden bean. I can watch the planes taking off and landing when I reach the top. My old dog faithfully lumbers up behind me. Far off in the distance, if I squint my eyes, I can see herds of deer grazing. Luckily my dog can’t see that far. There are over 198 wildlife species found in this park. In the opposite direction, a large crane that is in the process of some sort of construction, creates the illusion of an abandoned pirate ship on the horizon- (I prefer to believe it is an abandoned ship)

I enjoy when there is a school field trip, and I get to over hear the teacher talking to her students- “I said put the stick down! I mean it! Put. It. Down.”

If I time it right, sometimes I feel as though I am the only person walking in this vast prairie. I breathe in the sweet smell of sage and pretend I am Laura Ingalls on my way to school, hiking through the hills, with my lunch pail swinging by my side.

Next I am going to explore Fish Creek Park…. so stay tuned.


Click here to read more about Nose Hill Park.          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nose_Hill_Park


One thought on “Uphill both ways

  1. I love both these parks – they are true treasures in the heart of urban life. When I lived in the north of the city, i went up and sat on nose hill at night and it was the most marvelous of experiences. I had heard that City’s have their own spirit, and sitting there watching the amazing lights below me, the planes the miniature cars the skyscrapers, was truly marvelous and I realized that beauty can be found anywhere one looks for it. Thanks again for your wonderful stories.


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