300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story…with Recipes, not just another memoir.

300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story…with Recipes, not just another memoir.


At first glance of this title you may think this is a ridiculous idea, and also a super brilliant marketing ploy. I really enjoyed this light yet still interesting memoir, written by Stephanie Smith. She makes an arrangement with her beau, where he will assent to marry her after she makes him three hundred sandwiches.

I often think of this book, while making my husband his sandwich each week night, for obvious reasons. I usually make him a whole wheat wrap with tons of mayonnaise ’cause that’s how he likes it and lots of spicy sauce. (usually our home-made green sauce) Press link  below for recipe.


I also write his name on it with a sharpie and a little heart too, just for added effect, because who doesn’t like a heart on their lunch? I do this because he is forgetful, and I believe this labelling just helps him along a wee bit. Is this an outdated practice in our modern world? This practice of making of one’s husband’s lunch?

I think not, after reading this memoir, and thinking about a movie that my teenager assented to take me to on my birthday a few year’s back. It was an Indian movie called The Lunchbox. It had all of my favourite things in a movie, a foreign culture, some interesting food facts and a love story. There were only a handful of us in the theatre that day. Afterwards a woman said that she was impressed that my daughter went with me, although I had to admit it was my special birthday request, otherwise there would be no movie with me, foreign or otherwise.



Here are the reasons why I make my husband’s sandwich for him daily:

1. It saves us money. If he is hungry he will go to a fast food place and buy an unhealthy fried meal, when added up daily, this can get quite pricey. This food also makes him thirsty all night, thus waking me up.

2. It is healthier for him if I make it. I make sure to cram at least a cup of spinach in each wrap if I can get away with it.

3. See end of point 1­ ( wakes me up).

4. Gratefulness­ . I am grateful that he wakes up early each day to help pay the bills that buy the groceries, that turn into sandwiches.

5. I love him.

Does this make me an anti-­feminist, as the author of 300 Hundred Sandwiches, Stephanie Smith was accused of? I say no. I know if it was me that was working fifty plus hours of work per week, and it was him who was only able to get a part-time job, it would be my husband standing barefoot in the kitchen, ( and in his boxer’s too, as that is his normal home attire) making me an avocado cream cheese wrap with no mayo, ’cause that’s how I like it. That is what equality is all about after all.

Some nights I am tired, but I make that wrap anyways. And I grind the coffee beans too. He often calls me the next day and leaves this message on the answering machine,­ “Thank you, this is the best sandwich ever!” This makes me smile, and I begin plotting out another great sandwich for tomorrow.

Click below for a great sandwich poem, Counterman



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