Can Creative Types, Live Together in Harmony?

Can Creative Types, Live Together in Harmony?



If you have ever lived with a creative person, you might have problems such as, where are all the spoons? Used for mixing paints perhaps? Or how come that clay bowl that I bought at the farmer’s market for fifty bucks is full of paper mache mix?

These may only be some of the problems creative types have to argue about.

I used to let my husband carve in the living room when I was at work, doing the evening shift at a nursing home. Our toddler would be asleep while he whittled away in the condo we owned in Victoria, BC. Inevitably, I would get distressing phone calls that went something like this, “um, I am at the hospital emergency room, everything’s okay, it will only be about seven stiches this time.” Argg! I suppose our daughter thought she was having late night fun field trips to the hospital.

Another issue is that someone is always stealing my titanium white acrylic paint, or all of my good beeswax that I had plannned for a nice gardener’s hand salve, whilst other creative type used it for an encaustic project.

The only way I think it can work, is that we learn to share our resources. Although we are not good at collaborating on projects, I do appreciate his artist’s eye, and can easily persuade him go to public galleries with me for fun and inspiration.

We just recently went to see the display at the Glenbow museum, a show curated by Paul Hardy titled Kaleidoscopic Animalia. Each time we attend an art show or gallery, we tend to rush home and create something new.

click here to see Kaleidoscopic Animalia –

I hurry over to my paint box and hope that someone hasn’t already used all of my favourite paint brushes, tossed in haphazardly, brush tips mashed together and unusable.

The only other drawbacks of living with a creative person, is not enough wall space to hang all of our art. So I guess it’s really not such a tragedy.



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