Bikinis or burqas …why is this the only choice?


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If someone came up to me to ask the question, bikini or burqa,I would have to say I choose neither. I have been successfully wearing the same old pair of brown yoga pants for years. The last time I have worn a bikini was sometime in the 1960’s, pre children and stretch marks. Although body image is not the real reason I don’t wear a bikini, or a burqa for that matter. If I have to make a choice, comfort is my only true guide. My teenage daughter is the same way. It might be genetic. I know my baba (Ukrainian grandmother) wore the same shoes for forty years and she was proud of it. The way the leather formed perfectly over her bunions. She kept them in a box in the closet for special occasions, with balled up newspapers in them to keep their form. She was fond of babushkas to keep her perm in place. She also favoured a clear plastic rain hood that she kept folded neatly in a little pouch for freak prairie rainstorms. If you enjoy having special hair gadgets that help you in your fight against the elements, I definitely understand.

I think it is all about choice and respect too. If someone is wearing a burqa, it doesn’t bother me, unless someone tells me that I have to wear one too.  And if they say, “then you must wear a bikini, then I will have to say, “ no way.” Loose fitting yoga pants and an old t shirt for me, thank you very much. I don’t want a babushka either, I like the feel of the wind through my messy hair. Even though Audrey Hepburn certainly did make babushkas look stylish, but they were called head scarves back then. I know I could never look like Hepburn. Not even close. My hairstyle is reminiscent of Meg Ryan’s look in the 1980’s. That was the era when I was young and would dance madly to the song 99 Luftballons, donning a lacey bra on the outside of my clothes in my attempt to dress like Madonna. Although if I attempted this now my family would have me checked for Alzheimer’s- ” Mom wore her bra ontop of her sweatshirt today”- they would tell the doctor in concern.
I will keep this 80’s hairstyle until I lay in my deathbed. My hair will be free flowing, lying elegantly upon my lace pillowcase. Sans burqa, sans babushka, wrinkled old body in a vintage Smiths t shirt- because that is my choice.